what could it been?

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and lastnight blood came gushing out of me when i seen the doctor he examimined me and he said i didnt lose the baby and my cervix was still closed, what else could it be

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    My friend had this happen with her third child. Her Dr. told her that because of the increase blood flow to that area it often causes small capillaries in the vagina to enlarge. In her case the sexual activity caused one to break. She not only carried to term her baby went a little late.

    If the Dr. didn't seem too worried I would relax.

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    Hmmm - don't know - he didn't tell you?

    % weeks is too early for a doctor to tell if there is a heartbeat, but if your cervix was still closed, it's likely you didn't miscarry. But it is still possible.

    Call him up and ask him, or call the local ask a nurse hotline - should be listed in the yellow pages in the hospitals section.

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    Spotting. Hormones go awry, and your body is a little confused. I experienced the same thing early on in my second pregnancy, but I had an otherwise-normal pregnancy.

    It will stop. If your doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be, since stress is the worst thing for your baby. If it happens again, tell your doctor about it, but don't be stressed that it will.

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  • Don't take this the wrong way but, is it possible you could have hemoroids? It's hard to tell which end it comes from, but it can bleed just like a period. Hemoroids are common with pregnant women. But usually the doctor would check for that too.

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    that one is up in the air still alot of experts disagree you know you could have been having twins in my case the same thing happend. one baby grew big and strong to full term most woman dont even know they are having twins until they lose one and docs usually dismiss it as pregnancy bleeding wich in some woman can be normal.

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