ACLU, why are there bibles in federal prisons?

Bible reading in schools has been stopped. I think bibles should be removed from federal prisons.It would be seperation of state and religion.

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    To the 1st answerer: Why did you automatically assume the the ACLU was fighting this? Seems to me you're ideas about he ACLU are pretty mixed up. The ACLU fights to protect civil liberties in a manner consistent with the United States Constitution, which is also allowed to be read by inmates.

    In fact, it might do you good to read it sometime.

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    The ACLU defends the religious freedom of ALL faiths by preventing any SINGLE faith from being promoted to the detriment of others.

    Where members of minority faiths have been denied the solace of reading materials pertinent to their faiths, the ACLU has stepped in to ensure equality before the law for all Americans. In a recent case in New Jersey, the ACLU's legal director for the state said:

    "We all have a right to exercise our religion, even people in prison," said Ed Barocas, ACLU-NJ Legal Director. "The State does not have the right to pick and choose which religions should be practiced and which should not."

    So -- if you're asking this question legitimately, there's your answer: even people in prison have the right to exercise their religion, and the ACLU will defend that right.

    If you're asking this question as a blind to try to say "well then, if PRISONERS can have Bibles, why can't LITTLE KIDS?", the answer is that in prison, Bibles aren't compulsory, while prayer reading in schools has the effect of forcing one religion down the throats of all the children, regardless of their faith.

    It has to be free for EVERYONE, or it's not free for ANYONE. That's what freedom means.

    Source(s): A list of some of the ACLU's cases on religious freedom, and on ensuring the freedom of religious expression for all faiths:
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    Bible is the most popular book ever. I think, they keep bibles in the prison, to provide prisoners, an expectation, a positive thinking or a supportive way, to direct their minds to something more beneficial by making them believing they are not responsible for their failures, that is result of not following the gods words or because they have been distant of the god's words. A high number of prisoners, have their religion changed during their time in prison or after. I think, religion, brings people a new point of views, carried by values and dreams never experienced before by those people. I think all religion are good if can make someone improve. I know some people, whom have stop using drugs or their alcohol addiction, after have becoming part of a religion that wasn't the one practice before. The power of mind has been said and proved being the biggest a human can experience. If religion is one of the key, to release this power in a positive way, I think religion is something fantastic !

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    When we remove television, vidio games, pool tables, weight rooms, ball fields, school rooms, free clinics, oh! and library's that's where you can find the bible. If you don't like it don't read it. If you do want to read it then go ahead. Then build more prisons. Spend your energy on something that can help working people who support the prisons. We have to live without health care and free meals. We do it without breaking the law.

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    Because the Bible is really the only hope a prisoner has.

    I Cr 13;8a

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  • Jan J
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    I think the ACLU was started for the right reasons. however, I think they are totally out of cont role. Leave the Bible alone. This country was founded on freedom of religion and a handful of idiots are stripping the rest of us of OUR rights.

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    ACLU should learn to grow up. The bibles in the prisons are given to the inmates and the inmates have the right to refuse them if they choose to. Inmates also have access to whatever religious books that they need. It just so happens that there are churches out there that understand people make mistakes in their life and offer them a religious salvation by taking donation money and buying the bibles to be distibuted to the inmates.

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    because people voluntarily put them there....even in prison people have the right to read books, even the Bible !

    the State does NOT own people, not even in prison; tho they lose some civil rights, not the right to read whatever they choose!! :-)

  • Max
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    Having bibles in prison is not unconstitutional, and it might possibly do some good.

  • What? You think people are beyond redemption? Pick up a Bible yourself and lok through it if you have the guts.

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