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Help me! Pregnant cat!?

FIRST OFF: before you decide to bash me for being a horrible pet parent, don't. I have never "fixed" a female cat. We got our male kitten only a little while ago. He's only about 6 months old, and I thought he was to young to fix. Basic lack of information.

Anyways so my cat is pregnant and my vet is an idiot and I can't afford another $60 bill to just say hi again.

Can someone give me some sites that list pregnancy stages for cats? I want to try and guess how long I have until she has her babies. Thanks!

For example: at one week of pregnancy mother looks normal

at 2 weeks she gets larger ect.... i need that type of list

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    Dont worry I am not here to bash!!! I actually took a stray and *poof* she was a preggers one. So, here is the site that helped me:

    it's got everything from Gestation to birth. I hope this helps! Also, if her nibbles are a rosy color thats how I knew mine was. If she seems a lot calmer too, thats another way to tell. :) I hope all is well, if you have q's ask! I didn't go to a vet the whole time she was pregnant, so it can be done!!

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    I went throught the whole "bashing" too. And I too couldn't afford them telling me "she could be pregnant, but she might not be" It took about 3-4 weeks for me too see her getting bigger with bigger nipples. My cat is due in a week or so. You can look for her acting different. My cat is more lovey. She also eats like a pig. Feel her belly if you feel it lumpy or hard there is a really good chance she is. Also feel her nipples, they get bigger. I hope this helps you in some way. And they carry a litter for 6 weeks. Good luck!

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    Why have you "never fixed" a female cat? That would be the best thing you can do for your cat...they are healthier and happier cats.

    Pregnant cats can be spayed...I do it all the time and have not had any complications from it yet. It would be the responsible and humane thing to do.

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