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What are some ideas for The Missing Frame & other future music videos by AFI?

Due to the rumors of The Missing Frame being AFI's next video, what do you think it will be like, along with other music videos that could be made from the songs of Decemberunderground? I am really interested it hearing people's ideas on this. What would the setting be, the characters be like, etc.?


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    Well, Decemberunderground (if I was to name a theme) would be "relationships" not like breaking up and stuff like that but just "relationships" (for example Love Like Winter, Miss Murder, and Kiss and Control) and this album has a more contemporary feel compared to their other albums. Like, Sing The Sorrow is really deep and sort of depressing, and The Art Of Drowning is louder and free, I guess. I suppose their new video might be kinda slow (as in the shots) and emotional. I don't really know but I can't wait to see it!

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