who is mentally power full ? men or women ?

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    Depends on the person.

    Why are there so many questions that ask people to choose one or another?

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    Depends on who you talk too? As far as Anatomically depends on the tasks. Women have more connection between the right and left halves of the brain this makes women have better communication skills. Men Have less but have larger build up on one or more lobes. This allows men to be more focused in one area of the brain. Now the brain varies from person to person. So depending on the task you find more people of certain genders better at one thing then another.

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    There is not right or wrong answer as we all have to use our brains and mental capacities for different things in life. Men cannot experience things as a woman and visa versa,but both need mental power for overcomming things life throws at us. Its like asking "how long is a peice of string?" the answer will be different for everyone.

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    Now, I know you know at least one stupid man and one stupid woman. And you probably know at least one smart man and one smart woman.

    All in all, I think "mentally powerful" is a matter of opinion (like to what degree, what subject, ect.) and is the mental power of each individual is usually not totally comprehendable.

    Perhaps you could see which gender usually scores better on the SAT? This is what I found out:

    "The population of men and women differ on average in how well they perform on some of these skill tests, but do equally well on other tests. For example, women tend to score higher on certain verbal and memory test, whereas men tend to score higher on spatial tests, particularly mental spatial rotations."

    Source(s): Wikepedia.com
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    Hi, I think women are more mentally powerful.


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    Woman is more mature than man also mentally powerful. They are also good at reading body language.

    Source(s): Sixth sense and common sense
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    The men are always more mentally stronger than women, some may act like they are not just to pamper the women and get what they want.

  • Women because the have to bare children. That takes alot of mentle power. Even if pain killer have been invented. we still have to carry the child for 10 months. And put up with your bull sh**

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    humans in piece

    love is the most powerful thing there is

    but hate and love are the samething

    we are all equal

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