why do women pay hundreds of dollars for a purse?

Is it just for the prestige of having a Gucci/Bluberry/Prada/Fendi/Coach/etc? What about a Hermes purse, which go for over $1000.00? What about women who are simple, and buy a $10.00 purse at a store and wear it? Do they think people will think less of them? What about going to thrift shops, or finding them at garage sales, where they could get them for a song?

Same with Shoes! What about Jimmy Choo, and other high-end brands, which go for $300.00 a pair? You can find them at a second hand store for probably $20.00, if that. Fashion is a killer, isn't it?! Image is everything!

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    I think you answered your own question! Image is everything...it's all about what image you want to portray.

    Some women think that if they buy a very expensive purse, they will look as if they are powerful career women, very rich, or both. And who's to say they aren't? But then again, they could have saved every penny for that purse!

    But honestly, some women just want higher priced things...because oftentimes you get what you pay for!

    So, a better made purse is more likely to not fall apart...versus the garage sale purse.

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    some women by the expensive stuff because they like it and some women by it because they are all like sheep and want to be socially more prestigious than others. I know that I will buy a 300 dollar purse but i also have 10 dollar shoes. For me its what i like but i would never pay more than 500 dollars for any pair of shoes ,purse,jacket anything because thats just ridiculous.

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    the thing is the average woman does not realize that the purses are seasonal and when they are trying to keep up with the joneses they are still one step behind. saving up there dollars for a purse that is going out of style after they have only had it a couple months. not to insult the female race but dang we are somthing else sometimes when it comes to competing with each other...

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    The most I pay is $75.00. I have lots of purses and they make me feel stylish, especilly when you have colors that match. And I occasionally go to Wal-Mart and get stylish purses that make people stop and ask here I got it. Its rediculous to pay 100s of dollars for a purse that will go out of style sooner that you can say Prada.

    Source(s): Some women do bye expensive purses for the status, it makes them look prestigous.
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  • Because having a Louis Vuitton purse cannot be compared with a 100$ purse

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    Some women like them. I myself am very into desginer bags. But that is where it ends. Clothes, shoes, jewelry is all less than desginer. Each woman just has her own thing. I was always a "bag girl" from when I was really young like 4. I graduated to desginer bags in my 20's.

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    I have no clue. You won't ever catch me paying that much for a purse or shoes. My guess is that they're obsessed with the name and status. I honestly can't think of what else it would be.

  • 4 years ago

    sure it truly is. handbags bypass out of style. in case you spend that a lot on something it truly is unquestionably-loved then you truthfully merely wasted you money. besides I spent a lot on leather-depending handbags (not over $one hundred) and they did not very last very nearly so long because the cheapo fake leather-depending ones. Why is this question in this area?

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    Some people have more money than sense..

  • 1 decade ago

    More money than brains.

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