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How smart Do you think the N.S.A is 200 years ago dirt floors!?

How smart Do you think the N.S.A is 200 years ago dirt floors!

do they not think a higher inetllgnece that made the billions of computational d.n.a that they have found on this planet and yet what they are doing know There are knows knowns and unknows and they have taken all technolgy away 1950 never happen!!!!

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    Can you use the period? They would tell me where your sentences end and begin.

    Are you saying that the existence of such variety of life necessarily implies the existence of a higher being? Just because you do not understand how the world came to be does not mean that something super-intelligent created the world.

    The NSA has very little to do with DNA. Whatever they keep confidential is for security, not to slow us down technologically. Several scientists work independently of the NSA and make advancements perfectly well.

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    (well, I had to give an answer)

    You are not suppose to eat the worm in the bottom of the bottle.


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    Slow down, take a deep breath, and start all over again.

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