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How do I send an e-mail to the Yahoo! company?

I downlaoded the new Internet Explorer 7 and it freezes all of the time. I want to tell Yahoo! about it. How do I e-mail them?!!

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    Yahoo doesn't support IE 7. You need to contact Microsoft corp.

    Check the below website to troubleshoot the issue with your IE7.

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    Click the last link in this page."

    Contact Yahoo! Mail Customer care." .

    Yahoo has nothing to do with IE7. Go to C:/Program files/ Internet Explorer.

    1. Select IE Download ( about 481 KB) and revert back to older version.

    2. Or go to Settings/Control Panel/Add remove Programs/ Windows/ IE . you will get option to repair the IE7.

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    depends what country u created yr email account under

  • 1 decade ago

    pelease downlonded angin ie7

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    Seems to be a well kept secret!

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