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Should i even try anymore?

im pretty sure im in love with this guy but hes like a chick magnet not that her goin out with other girls but he has ALOT of friends that are girls and i know that he liked this girl named brittany(and he doesn't think i know she was at hes party sitting next to him but i know) and i was ahead of her on his myspace but now im like 14 and shes 4 but he doesnt go out with her(i know this 4 a fact!!!) hes known that i liked him since august and in october we made out for the first time(it was horrible because when i like guys i get shy and kiss bad) but i saw him yestarday and i have alot of trouble hugging him and stuff(i get shy)which is dumb cuz i have known him since elementary school. he did tell me he liked me this one time but i was going out with someone i know now i should have went with him then :(((

Well what im asking is if i should just be friends with him or still try to be with him?

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    Grow up and mature before dating.

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    I have a friend who had this problem. Here's the thing, he's bi, gay, or he's trying to make himself straight. Girls hang out with gay guys, I know it's weird, but at your age, it does happen, even if he makes out and stuff. If he's actually not gay, he probably has some other kind of thing going on and guys are just to harsh of friends for him. So if you want a tough guy who can protect you, move on from this guy.

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    Well if you have liked him for that long, well, what im saying is its his fault. If guys have lots of girl friends instead of guys that means that they have commitment problems. maybe he hasnt relized your the one or maybe it wont work out. give it more time. and the myspace thing doesnt matter unless you make it matter.

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    what is your sign and his by the way? also there is something in the way of you liking him. if you are reluctant to hug,kiss etc then this is not normal. i say go with the flow and remain friends. but give more details for a better answer.

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    "i get shy,which is dumb"thats answers the question is either u work on that shyness or forget him and grow up u talk like u are 12 u could be anyway

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    If he thinks you like him more than he likes you, you will just chase him away. Its love when the feelings are equal. Act like you don't like him so much. He might think you are special and chase after you, rather than you chasing after him.

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    I think that if you just let him find you that it will be a lot better then you going after him.

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    Friends no question about it

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    Let him come to you. If he likes you then he will. Play it smart.

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