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anomalous liquid expansion is known to break bottles.With what force?And what factors do this force depend on?

i was just wonderin that there has to b some force that causes this bottle to break. Because the liquid has nowhere to expand to so it expands outside breakin the bottle. What is this force defined as? The factors it depends on? Molecular nature of the liquid? Shape of the bottle? Please help. Thanks

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    The shape of the bottle has nothing to do with it, and as far as I know there is not specific name for the force.

    I think it is simplely pressure. Gasses are compresible; however, liquids and solids are not. So as the liquid melts and expands further than its confines allow, it creates and pressure system. The pressure holding the liquid in is not enough to keep it in the liquid phase, so the pressure exerted by the liquid wins, and it seeps from the bottle.

    That's all I can think of.

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    The only expansions I can think of involve phase changes, which are required to bind or liberate energy.

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