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who should draft who in nfl draft 2007?

i think greenbay needs to pick some good offensive players and sign some free agents with there 25-38 million salry cap

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    Some quick hits for the draft:

    Colts-defensive tacle or interior linebacker

    Cinncinati-defensive end to generate a pass rush (preferrably one not on a first name basis with campus police)

    Arizona-o-lineman; if none are available-trade it for one

    New York Giants-running back; Tiki's gone and Jacobs can't handle a full schedule

    Washington-a cornerback

    Green Bay-quarterback; even if Bret comes back, he isn't getting younger and Aaron Rogers is not the future; they also need to consider running back and cornerback, they can probably address those needs in later rounds, but they definitely have to find the future

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    too early to even worry about that ,, let the playoffs begin,,,, and let the teams gruel it out and let the bums

    play their rounds of golf then worry about it in late feb early march,, but dont forget to watch ncaa hoops then too

    Source(s): im a fan of all sports,, !!!! period !!!
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