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Can you all use what left of your little psychic power and predict what in for 2007 beside iraq?

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    I think something is about to happen to money as we know it....

    I would not doubt if they enact martial law in Iraq..... after things settle there.... We are going after Iran..... There may be peace for a short time....only in word.....Or what we are told is seeming peace..... but, let there be no bones about it, we are going after Iran.....

    Your sister,


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    Oil prices will rise astronomically and gasoline prices will hover between the $5.50 and $6.50 mark between mid summer and the end of the year.

    The US will be attacked again, but this time monitarily and by poisonous gasses.

    Congress will not accomplish much other than an elaborate dog and pony show.

    Pat Robertson will have at least two more visions between now and Christmas. Neither will come true.

    The coming summer will be drouthful in the central, mid-atlantic states and the southern states. 6 hurricaines will strike the east coast and the gulf coast. Two will be extremely damaging.

    My feet will continue to hurt.

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    1)Apple computers will continue to pick up market share.

    2)iPods will continue to reign.

    3)Hollywood will release some more lame remakes of old movies and TV shows.

    4)Reality shows will continue to s*ck

    5)Politicians will continue to sling mud at each other.

    6)Kids will continue to not learn by getting their homework done by people on Yahoo! answers.

    7)Stupid questions will continue to appear. Yahoo will figure out a way to filter some of them out, but the the limits of stupidity will continue to be extended.

    8)The commercialization of Christmas will come even earlier then it did in 2007.

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    there will be some event this year that will spark the war that will destroy half of the world and will all be beacause of the oil

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    its is the end of the world..THE END OF THE WORLD!!

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    another hurrican

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