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Can you recomend a method to lose weight?

i am a teenage boy, i eat normal, but i want to try losing some weight, what can i do? i need help.

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    Well doing a cardio work out would be best for you. But while youre loosing weight why not try and gain some muscle.

    Interval Excercises are based upon a variety of workouts. Lets say youre tired, feel like you lack energy but get this, you may tell me that you work out--Jog everyday for 30 minutes to an hour, however that light jog or run is what your body is used to now, its not SHOCKED, so this light regiment has put your body back into a state of relaxation. Doing Interval workouts such as RUNNING then BIKING then SWIMMING for 45 minutes to an hour gets your body awake. Time intervals and reps can be however you want them do three minutes easy and 1 minute hard or 5 minutes hard and 1 minute easy. Doing this three times a week then hitting every muscle of your body with light cardio weight lifting keeps your body alive. You may be sore for the first few days but you'll notice a change immediatly.

    Burning Calories:One Source: Billy Blanks Taebo 8 minute workout. Get this the whole thing is in Double Time!!!! Okay so its not the only source but do you see where I m going with this. It is a short but high intensity work out. You have two level of intensities when working out high and low. when doing interval work outs you alternate the two. But when you are doing Burning workouts you are focusing on high intensity, short and powerful.

    Endurance and Stamina Builder: These workouts are of less intensity but last longer over 45 minutes if you have the time for it. Working on a variety of excercises this may be perfect for your day at the gym. Plan on staying late and ending drenched but decide on at least three things to work on whether its the treads, abs and arms and work on those three as much as you can within the ove r45 mins time. Everytime you do this switch up your focus to back, butt and calves. Do this three times a week. Try to do four sets of each with 12-15 repetitions.

    I dont want yall complaining that my blogs are too long but I want to leave you on this note...

    Work on Endurance and Interval Workouts Alternatly throughout the week. You can do Burning Cardio at least 3 times a week anytime you want.

    Example of Weight Training:

    Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Abdominal (light cardio)

    Tuesday: Cardio

    Wednesday: Legs, and Calves

    Thursday: Cardio

    Friday: Back, Biceps, and Abdominal (light cardio)

    Saturday: Cardio

    Sunday: Off

    The cardio after training is optional, however recommended for fat loss.


    Check out my blog for more work out routines and ways to a healthier life. Also email me if you wanna personally talk.

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    Are you becoming Manorexic?

    That's so Gross. Unless you're actually overweight.

    Try simply working out, that always works if you want a hot body. Maybe some weight lifting.

    For me the Atkins diet really works.

    That's where you eat like NO CARBS.

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    Number one healthy foods and exercise to help maintain yourself. Don't fret over your weight so much unless it is affecting your health according to a doctor. Then he or she will advise you on what to do. Teenagers gain and grow, and you have a lot of growing left to do, so don't beat yourself up over a few pounds.

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    Exercise each day is more effective than weekend workouts

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    chew gum while cooking to stop snacking

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    Are you actually overweight? Or you just think you are overweight?! Figure that out first...calculate your Body mass Index (search for this on google...) and if you are overweight consult a nutritionist to advice you about diet and exercises.

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    eat chili for a couple of days research shows that chili peppers boost your metabolic rate burning 50 more cals a day

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    muscle burns at least four times as many calories as fat does so try twenty minutes of strength straining two to three times a week

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    2 hour walk at a moderate pace

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    land in the taupo volcanic zone and climb 26 percent of the way up in 18 minutes

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