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Believer: how can you believe in free will and gods plan?

Won't our free will mess up gods plan?

If there is not free will then God wants us to do the things we do( steal, lie, murder and abortion) because its part of gods plan and we cant help what god wants us to do.

If there isn't god plan then what is god doing for us now of days and that would prove that everything is random, so there would be no need to pray.


If you believe in both then you believe in, murder, rape, stealing and other crimes that humans do freely and that there is no need to pray because god already has what is going to happen to you

Update 2:

ME if gods plan is free will then god must not care what we do because god is perfect and his plan are too, so free will must be perfect and what ever we do is perfect( anything we do is perfect )

Stephen J said say no to god, and i don't think that is how you get so his good side

Update 3:

Mark m just because i mentioned 2 things don't mean there related, are math and monkeys related my mind is trying to make the connection

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    If you truly believe in God then you will believe that it was God who gave you the free will in the first place. It is a gift, but it is up to you to make the most of that gift in the best way possible for yourself. In that way you are honoring your beliefs and your God.

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    God gave mankind freewill. God has given us choices and now it's up to us to make our choice. God has told and shown us what the best choice would be but the choice is ours to make. Gods plan was that man would not sin and He gave man a directive not to eat the fruit of one tree. God also gave man free will si he could make his own decisions and not be forced to do something. What did man do? Ate the fruit of the one tree he was told to leave alone.! If people didn't have free will, we'd be sort of like robots or a computer program. We'd do only what we were programed to do. We'd have no decisions to make because they would have already been decided (programed) for us. God gave us life, some rules and regulations, and provided the way to eternal life. It's up to us to accept what He has given us and act-live according to it.

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    That's a good question I had once myself let me explain. God knows everything that will happen and did happen therefore he adapts his plan to what he already knows will happen. Like when you watch a movie you already watched you will know when to take a bathroom break as to not miss the good parts. Before anything ever happened God knew it would so devised his plan accordingly.

    Hope that helps

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    You just did the same thing as what your accusing other ppl of doing. Obviously your mind has connected these two subjects so you must know they are connected somehow. If your looking for true enlightenment...then listen...find your best answer to how they can both exist and apply to mans nature. Hint......Many parts of God are beyond natural conciousness and awareness for our natural senses. Meaning: we just dont have it in us as ppl to comprehend him fully. Hence, faith exists. The greatest thinkers in all of history thought free of prejudice. Be a great thinker.


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    I understand your question and I've battled with it myself.

    I don't know how, but all thorugh out the bible and still today predestination (God's will) and free will co-exist together.

    I think this is one of those things that we're going to have to wait to get cleared up until we're on the other side.

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    God's plan for your life is fulfilled according to how you will. If you obey Him you are in His plan. If you do not obey Him you are out of His plan. The end of it all will be a mixture of God's plans and your plans working together. The degree of our obedience to God will be the degree of His plans being fulfilled in our lives. If you take total and complete charge of your life then God's plan is out of the picture.

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    There's a difference between knowing what someone will do and causing them to do it. If you put cookies in front of a child, you can know that they'll eat them, but you don't cause them to. If you're upset that God gave you a choice, you should know that the only way for God to have a relationship with us is if we have the ability to say "no" to Him. It's only when we can do that that our obedience means anything.

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    Gods plan is unity for humanity, unconditional acceptance of differences and religions,,,,,,

    free will is the ability to not follow this

    i would like to add that there is an instruction manual to living, it is hidden in the heart, it is religions job to teach how to open it, horrible as it is, they have failed for most people......

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    For those of us who are doing God's will, there is every reason to pray. For those not doing the will of God---forget it.

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    God already knows what we will decide. You can not mess up God's plan no matter which way you go.

    I Cr 13;8a

    Happy New Year.

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