Exercising under ketosis... good or bad?

If you can acheive ketosis within 30-40 min of your aerobic work-out, and then continue for another 40-60 minutes, are there any concerns? or is this a metabolic state that some athletes try to acheive? If it is bad, then what is the best way to deal with it? If it is good, what are the benefits?

No, I'm not meaning for someone who is on the Atkins diet, but rather on a high carb, low fat, and moderately increased protein diet.


I guess I forgot to mention... that diet was based on relative ratios to eachother (less than 5% fat, 60-100g protein, the rest high fiber carbs) but the daily caloric intake is around 1000 calories... also, no eating 2-4 hours prior to exercise and anearobic weightlifting prior to the cardio work-out... within 20 min of aerobic exercise, overwhelming acetone-like smell and burn in the nostrils.

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    Ketosis is usually something you achieve in fasting, which I think you're getting from not eating snacks in between right? But you get ketosis within the 3rd or 4th of fasting. So I think you're basically not eating snacks. Thats what I actually do I don't do snacks. Yeah it definately helps burn faster since it uses its reserves for extra energy. And no athletes don't do it, if you look at the diet of runners its very high carb since they need the extra energy and they actually have a higher caloric intake.

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    No way are you gonna Keto in 30-40 mins. It takes about 3 days in order to induce a state of ketosis, and you will HAVE to cut out carbs. Cutting mainly all carbs down to 20 grams or less a day depending on your body is what puts you into ketosis then it's a matter to finding out how many grams your body can allow to maintain the state of ketosis. Induction is usually 20 and under the first stage then a very gradual increase thereafter. Ketosis is a metobolic state and needs to be done in a safe manner or you can do damage. You are NOT gonna induce ketosis on a high carb diet just no way cause the basic principle of it is to go as low on carbs to induce it and once you break it you will gain it back. Most of the initial loss is water loss. It is the Atkins diet basically and is a lifestyle change NOT a quick fix. While yes working out while low carbing will help you burn faster it will NOT put you into ketosis. The bennefits you will lose weight, but if you don't change your lifestyle to fit it then you are just wasting your time with it. The bad parts, acidic breathe from the expelling of ketones, sometimes body order, if not carefull dehydration keytones are passed in your urine and it can put a strain on kidneys and liver. Just use comman sense when doing Low carb and ketosis, and do research and speak to your dr before doing any of it. What may work best for one might be dangerous for another.

    Source(s): been doing the diet for a long time Low-carb and working out strict
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    Yes, it causes the body to burn a good deal of muscle and not simply fat. Athletes should never try to acheive ketosis as it ruins the muscles that will make them faster/stronger for the next workout/game. The only benefit is that you lose fat, but since you often lose more muscle than fat the net benefit is negative. You can not acheive ketosis with high carb diet (unless you do incredibly long workouts) because the body needs to run out of carbs to go into ketosis.

    The best way to lose fat is to take in the nutrients the body uses to convert fat to energy (1 to 1 ratio Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids (available as pills), 1 to 1 ratio monounsaturated/saturated fats, protien, and low-glycemics carb (preferrably from fruit NOT grains or even whole grains).

    By eating roughly 30% fat, 40% carbs, and 30% protien (as described in the Zone Diet) you will gain the same amount of calories from each nutrient (this is what makes it balanced) and your body will be able to combine the nutrients into both creating muscle (where ketosis causes muscle loss) and burning more fat than ketosis does.

    Hopefully that will give you some new goals to shoot for.

    Source(s): Zone Diet literature and personal knowledge of ketosis as a half-marathoner
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    No need to worry unless you are extremely skinny and cannot afford to lose bodyfat which happens during ketosis. This happens during a fast where the body is in ketosis all the time but people can still exercise. See page below for more on fasting. Home page has info on losing weight.


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