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My dvd drive doesnot reads slow?

I have purchased a Lg Dvd Drive For my computer 6 months back it was working fine before but now it starts giving trouble,it cannot read data as fast as before when i reformat the whole computer it statrs working fine after a some days againg the same problem what shall i do . is it problem with the dvd drive or with the virus.when ever i copy some thing form the drive it takes very long time.I even cant play any songs from the drive it strucks. Please help me...

luv kiran

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    um maybe your laser eye on the player is dusty, since it is somewhat old.

    the lighting in certain rooms could affect the drive if it is a "sucker" drive as in it sucks the dvd in.

    also update your virus service, it could be melware that causes it not to function properly...

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    I easily have had this challenge earlier besides. Can your force play DVD's, besides the actual incontrovertible truth that it can't play CD's? if it truly is the case; your force calls for diverse speeds for taking area in DVD's and CD's. a strong quantity of cases, the decrease speed required to play and skim CD's fails, as placed on and tear beats down on the magnets that turns the middle piece that your CD pops into in maximum computer fashions. it truly is way less stressful for the force to %. up extra speed to play DVD's yet not CD's. final analysis, in the journey that your force matches this description, it truly is a hardware challenge, and a sparkling optical force can might want to be put in.

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    Maybe you should just update the firm ware for the drive...or clean the laser lens...

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    Check that DMA is enabled.. if you don't know how, look here

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