Old lady reporters during NFL games?

What is with these old lady reporters on the sidelines pretending they know something about football? They report stupid crap because they only repeat what they are told not because they actually know anything.....if the nfl is not going to put someone knowledgeable on the sidelines then they should at least put some younger, sexier ladies and not these old bags who can't tell the difference between a football and a basketball.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree in part with what you're saying. Sports anchor women are fine. I have no problem with someone sitting in a studio reporting the days activities. Any non athlete who loves sports and is trained properly can do that. But when it comes to side line reporting they really have no business being there. First of all the sidelines is a mans world plain and simple. The women reading this may not agree but in order to feel the moment and report the inner element of the game only a former player can do that. And the last I checked women don't play in the NFL.

    I wouldn't say the Andrea Crammer, Rachael Smith, or Bonnie Bernstein are "old bags" but you do have a point about them being on the sidelines. Except for Andrea Crammer who I think it an excellent reporter, the others I can do without. Rachael Smith has no clue. She is reading from a print broad and it's obvious. Bonnie Bernstein is a little better but really doesn't understand the game that well. That too is very obvious.

    Former players make for the best reporters because they continually relate to what's going on on the field and that in itself makes the entire broadcast better.

  • 1 decade ago

    Personally I'm tired of seeing women reporters on the football field.

    As a whole women sports reporters I do not mind ie. Linda Cohn ( I hope that right). I just believe guys should be reporting on the games from the sidelines. Yea, it's old fashion but, then I think NBC needs to dump Collinswroth too. I think he likes to talk just to hear himself talk and then it seems like he can never make up his mind on which way he's going on what team.

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