lost my first baby at 18 weeks due to incompetence cervix :(?

its been 15 days now and i am having postpartum bleeding...thick and still reddish.

anyone out there with cervical cerclage (what i'd be getting in future pregs) experience?

was it easy to conceive after your loss?

was cervical cerclage okay for you....your experience in that matter...

pls i need some good and supporting advice from all you people out there...

thanks all

happy new year

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    I had a girlfriend who had the same problem and lost her baby.

    I can only imagine what sort of pain your going through right now, I'm so very sorry.


    The good news, she got pregnant again not 6 months after her loss, they only waited that long to make sure every thing in her body had settled down again after the pregnancy, not long after her pregnancy was confirmed she had her sutures (cervical cerclage) done under a general anesthetic and although she did require alot of bed rest, and a c-section when the time came, she had a perfectly healthy baby, who is now 1yr old, and she is talking now about getting pregnant again, which the docs don't see a problem with as long as she follows the same procedure again.

    I hope this helps ease your mind a little...

    All the best of luck...

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    I have had 2 cervical cerclages.

    The make a stitch and then pull it together like a drawstring in the cervix. They usually have you under general anesthesia, or an epidural. The procedure does not take long. A couple of weeks before the baby is due they will take the stitch out, in the doctor's office. For my second one, no problem doing the cerclage, but when the time came, they took the stitch out and when I was waiting for my son to be born, they was a lot of scar tissue, to the cervix, so he had to be born by c-section. The cerclage is worth it, I promise you. I lost 5 babies before I had my 2 children.

    You probably need to at least call your doctor and let them know about the bleeding. Let the doctor decide if you need to be seen.

    You should not have any problems conceiving, at all. Try to rest your body for a little while first, that way when you become pregnant again, your body will be better prepared for the journey of life.

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    It's tough to loose a baby, you should not have any problem getting Preg. The Dr. used to do what was called a purse string around the mouth of the cervix {it acted like a draw string} pulled it snug and when you went into labor it had to be cut so the cervix could dilate. I don't know what Cervical Cerclage is but if that is what it takes to keep the cervix closed then go for it.. I'm really sorry for your loss.

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    I am so sorry about your baby. I dont know about cervical cerclage. But with the good lord's help you will have a baby some day if it be his will.

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  • egan
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    I'm so sorry to hear your lose. I have someone too that lost their precious one on Christmas eve. It was a tubal pregnancy so there's no choice than to have it remove. It took a while for her to recover but when she did, they were lucky to have another one the next year.

    Don't feel so bad about yourself. The good thing was you knew that you can have baby. May be that first one is not for you. The Lord will blessed you with another one I'm sure. Commit your self to Him right now and He will lessen your load. Good luck. My prayers are for you and your family.

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    I lost 2 babies before I successfully carried both of my children. It was 9 months after my 2nd miscarriage before I got pregnant again. I got pregnant when I gave up ever having another one. It also took me relaxing letting nature take it's course


    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. It isn't easy.

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