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if your in the 9th grade and you want to work how many hours should you work?

ok im in the 9th grade i want to work at mcdonald's but i don't know when to work. I get out of school at 2:20 i was wondering if you have any suggestions when i should work?








please an thank you

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    You should only work about 4 hours a day for 5 days, and that would give you 20 hours a week. That's a good work-week for a 9th grader!Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm..after school job.

    Good Luck.

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    hmm... since your a ninth grader, there's two sides you can look at this. since your just a freshman in high school, you can more carefree or either, you should concentrate more on grades so you can settle down and have good stable grades. If you insist on working, I'd suggest you to definitely work on a friday, because it is the end of the school week, you can save the homework for saturday. on friday, you can probably work from 2:30 - 8:00. and as of monday - thursday, you should work at the max for 3 hours, don't forget, you have homework and tests. and on saturday, if you're a morning person, maybe starting at 5:40 - 12:00 and you can do whatever you want in the afternoon. to me, working in the early is the best. if you work in the afternoon, your day would feel kind of wasted because you can't really do much before work or after ( because you're going to be tired). and sunday, you should work in the morning like saturday also,so you can finish any unfinished homework after work. good luck on your schedule !

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    Depends on your school homework schedule and all the activities that you may be involved in. Maybe it's a matter of juggling these or maybe it's a simple calculation if you are trying to save up for something.

    If you are trying to save up money then just divide the amount of the item(s) you want by the amount of money you make per hour. That should give you how many hours (approx) you might need to work. You can then try to figure out how many days to do this in. As personal advice I don't recommend working past 3-4 hours daily if you have a lot of school work!!

    Good Luck!

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    it actually depends on the state u live in..some states won't let u work till your 16 other states are 15.. and i think if ur under 18 and it's during school time like not a holiday break u can work from after school until 9 pm on week days and 11 pm or 12 am on weekends.. so if ur looking monday thru fri u could do like 3 - 9 and on weekends u could do like 8am - 11 pm just check with your school because u would need to get a work permit through them anyway.. it's just a simple form that u fill out have ur parents signature and ur jobs signature on it and then it gets filed at work and at school.. just check with your schools office they should be able to help you out

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    Look under government requirement for teenagers and there is a set number of hours you can work a week, I think its 16 but not sure.

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    Maybe about 12 hours a week, and not after 9 pm. You need time for your homework, and time to enjoy being a kid, and time to get plenty of sleep.

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    three pm to midnight seven days a week minus one hour for eat each day that would be 56 hours

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