Laptop Components?

When handling laptop components, what is the best way to store them for max. protection?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    in anti-static bags,... vacuum sealed, surrounded by styrofoam &/or bubble wrap inside of a sturdy box of the component's approximate size.

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  • 3 years ago

    portability vs. upgradability laptops are purpose equipped and don't grant very many suggestions for upgrading, quite often purely the cpu, hdd and ram, and perchance gpu if ur fortunate. computers are greater conventional and can became interior-out and upside-down with advancements in step with its improve skill. a laptops workstation clone is going to cost critically much less in maximum instances, and could probable outlive the workstation. so all of it boils right down to money. how a lot are you keen to take a place in a gadget which you will would desire to stay with for the subsequent 5+ years? you may get a working laptop or workstation, confident, and improve it each and every each and every so often to maintain it clean, yet with a working laptop or workstation you may flow locations and do issues that is complicated or maybe impossible to do with a great clunky tower. imho, i think of the workstation is a greater advantageous selection. i'd desire to be waiting to get admission to my workstation on the weekends, yet whilst im at school all I even have time to do is administered to the student union and log in for slightly between instructions. in spite of you would be applying it fore, that ultimately makes a decision what's the appropriate greater healthful for you.

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  • Curly
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    1 decade ago

    Insane protection (like drop it from an airplane and its still okay):

    Simpler protection: Antistatic bags and foam in which the parts were shipped from the manufacturer.

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