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How can we make 2007 a better year than 2006?

We are wrapping up a year filled with challenges and blessings. I'm interested to know what others think we can do -- as individuals, as a society, as a world -- to make 2007 a year of promise, positives, and possibilities.

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    I believe firmly that we only receive the kind of energy that we send out into the world, and that by being a source of positive energy, it is possible to cancel out negative energy.

    Al Gore is fond of calling folks to reduce their personal "carbon footprint" and do the things they can within their own circle of influence to be good to the planet. There is much wisdom to the idea of beginning with one's self to create change.

    My call to each person who reads this is to try to create as many escalating moments of positive energy as they can. We've all seen the negative ones that are earmarked by revenge and counter-attack, by folks doing their best to make others feel as miserable as they, but it takes some time and thought to create a positive snowball effect. Someone fails to check their blind spot and darn near takes the front end off your car in heavy traffic? Try smiling at them with a "that's ok, I know you didn't see me" look. Perhaps they'll have the one extra ounce of patience they will need when their daughter spills her milk at dinner that night, and their daughter will charmingly hold a door open for an old man at the movie theater that night, and the old man will be patient with the ticket clerk who makes change incorrectly for him, and the clerk will so cheerfully thank the next person in line that that person will....well, you get the idea.

    While this might sound suspiciously naive and simplistic, I happen to believe in it. Deeply. To be truthful, I'm only human, and I've surely flipped the finger at an inattentive driver in my life; Nobody's perfect. For your quest, though, Tia, I can't think of any more simple way that each of us can have a better impact on your wish for a more promise, positive, and possibility-filled world.

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    Well honestly, we need to plan quickly and start soon on whatever it is we need to improve. Some need to quit smoking, others need to stop stealing, and some just won't do anything. But for the rest of us that want to do something and improve our lives and those lives around us, get to work! No more procrastination. Through this general improvement society will change gradually. The many evils of the world will deplete and become scarce as we strive to make the world a better place to live, die, and be born into. I know what I'm going to do to start the movement. You may call me a hypocrite or all talk, but I am moving. There are others like me doing something right now. And I'm wasting my time here. Anyway, go help, go improve something, do a good deed per day, get help, and love. You'll find that everyday of life is filled with euphorias and the Era of Good Feelings will return History repeats itself, right?

    Thanks, Zach

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    On an individual level; If we give unconditional respect to all we come in contact with through the New Year, we will come out of 2007 with a much happier self, and improved outlook on life. Then we can get busy doing all of the things that matter most to us, without hindrance of the petty.

    As a community; Get involved with the local schools, *whether or not you are a parent.*.Volunteer with time, to help where it is most needed, which is so often, only allowing children to read to you one or two days per week..

    Invest with dollars, and/or talents to get the deleted programs back into the schools, so that kids come out with a rounded education and respect for their community..

    On the Wold level; Be aware of consumer waste! If we are better stewards of our recyclables, the entire World will benefit from our resolutions..

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    Yes, impeach Bush. Start spending all those trillions that the US spends on the military on things that will actually make America a better place to live: health care, education, research into alternative energy for the future, and a host of other things. The US, being so rich, could give its people better lives but wastes its money on the military.

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    There's a number of things:

    Get rid of Bush

    Get rid of hillbillies

    Get more people into college

    Stop polluting

    Make less waste

    Less ignorance

    Reduce global warming

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    As an individual continue Meditation, Contemplation, and learn more about Yoga by doing it. By meditation, empty my mind to have room for goodies.

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    Impeach Bush.

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    Pray for our leaders, Pray for the troops.

    I Cr 13;8a

    Happy New Year.

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    We need to learn to listen better and to realize that when we react negatively to someone else it is because they remind us of something in ourselves.

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    If people demand that religion violence must end or they get no more money.

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