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I have a dating problem can you help me?

since about 2 years ago when I went out with this guy named Sam I haven't been able to keep a boyfriend very long. My longest relationship since then is a week and a half. And that's a recent record. What can I do?


since 2 years ago I have not been able to keep a boyfriend longer than a week and a hal.f I am not over Sam but I am the one who always breaks up them... I guess so they don't have a chance to break up with me like Sam did.

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    Really not much if the fault belongs with them & not you... Best Wishes!

  • You're gonna have to let go of Sam if you ever want to be in a healthy relationship. Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who still wasn't over someone while they were with you? That wouldn't be fair. Let go of Sam for someone that's worth your time and heart.

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    theres a couple of reasions for your problem 1 your standards are to high 2 your looking in the wrong places 3 maybe your not truly over sam 4 maybe you should try being single for a bit

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    Stop calling me!

    (I'm just kidding, it's some other Sam)

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    Are you over Sam? If not, this could stop you from starting any new committments or moving on.

  • Anonymous
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    stop comparing them to sam, or go back to sam.

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    is really stupid how people do "i broke up with u" in highskool like i an achievement,if u really love the person it doesnt matter who broke up with each other the thing is u both will feel hurt or dont u think so?

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    Dont force yourself to date. Make yourself happy. Travel, hang out with your girlfriends and family. Work on yourself, work on your body and take up a hobby.

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    Think about the kind of guy your going out with is it the wrong kind?

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