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What do you do with ur annoying cousin?

ok i have a cousin who is really annoying she laughs at everything anyone says. She talks alot and i don't kow what to do. HELP!!

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    Just let her be happy. If she annoys you that much, try some distance between you both.

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    OMg my sister is just like that, She laughs at everything and makes annoying animal sounds, she screams has if she was beeing raped. She complains with everybody she talks back to everyone gezzz i feel u good luck.

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    go on holiday and forget them there....HEHE

    I stay in south africa and went for a few days to a resort about 2 hours from where i stay and took my really anoying cousin with...

    they we were leaving i asked him to go buy ice cream for us before we left and when he went i left.

    2 days later he gets home and hasnt spoken to me at all which to me is BLISS and PEACE

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    do what i did, tell her when something isn't funny and tell her straight out she looks stupid when she pretends everything is funny, and the words hush up work too...... esp during movies.

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  • i am experiencing the same thing at this exact moment. best thing ignore yea its hard...... i know. or stuffher in a closet and threaten her

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