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How many times we get the New year all around the world?

First one to get it right gets 10 pts!

Think about all the Meridians... and the time differences... If you were to call one person from each time zone how many times would you call to wish them Happy New Year?


Well, it's my turn to say Happy New Year to you!!!

I guess I am in the last time zone of USA!!! Hahaha! May all your wishes come true!

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    24, for all the time zones. Drrrrrrr!

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    Armenians had been celebrating the coming of the New Year on the 21st of March.

    In Bahai, celebrations are held during the evening of March 20th.

    In Bengali they celebrate New Year on the 13th or 14th April, which is the first day of the month that they call Baisakh.

    In all other parts of the world they celebrate the New Year on January 1. But the time zones are different in Europe, Asia major and minor and the US. The exact time right now, as I am typing this, (in the different continents) are too large a data to copy so here is the website that provides that informtion.


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    There are more than 24 time zones because the International Date Line goes far around some countries crossing several time zones.

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    In addition to the 24 15-degree time zones, there are also some weird half-hour time zones spread around.

    Also, time is technically not synchronized perfectly in each time zone. Within the time zone, a more accurate time can be determined from the distance from the location of interest to the middle of the time zone.

    For example, while both New York City and Washington, DC, are in EST, Washington's clock is a bit behind New York's, since it is a bit further west.

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    The answer would seem to be 24 - however there are a couple of places that do things a 1/2 hour off so I believe the actual number is 26 - but I am not sure their may be more than two that do that.

    Good Luck!!!

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    24 time zones

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    LOL, it's too late into the night to do such calculation [I don't remember how many time zones there are] !! I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you dear :p

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    24 different times.

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    Some sources suggest that there are 39 time zones in total.


    In addition to the obvious ones, here are some others:


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