My new Graphics/Video card I installed for Sims 2 isn't working! My walls still flash red just as before! Why?

I'm going crazy. I just spent $125 to get a Video Card for my computer that I bought from Walmart 2 years ago. I play the Sims 2 and once I got to Open for Business expantion pack the walls on my houses and create a family started to blink red. I went to Best Buy today and had the Geeks check it out. He said I had no Video card and told me that was all I needed to get it to work right. I went to Walmart and got ATI Radeon Viscon Tek 9250 PCI for $75. My brother installed it and I had something happen to where I had to buy a new CDRom Drive which cost me another $45. So I get home and install my Sims 2 games and expect no problem. WRONG I still have the blasted red flashing walls. What could be causing this problem. I really don't want to spend another day at Best Buy for this. Before I bought the sound card I had Direct X 9.0 which came with the computer. I'm stumped. Please IM me if your serious about helping out.

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    Dear Wendy

    before buying any hardware first you must

    know if it is compatible with other hard wares like M/B

    and if it is , does Graphic motor of Game support your VGA

    ( it is written in " read me" file on your Game CD (normally first CD ) )

    if it matches,

    than you have not installed drivers of VGA or even your Motherboard , correctly

    and you have to reinstall them.

    (for clear installation :

    restart computer,

    press F8 when booting,

    choose safe mode

    after win came up completely ,

    right click on My Computer,

    choose Hardware tab.,

    choose device manager button

    remove the desired hardware ( before removing make sure

    you have driver installation cds)


    go to start menu > settings > control panel

    choose add /remove programs

    remove all drivers related to your desired hard wares


    next time when you restart your computer , install drivers.

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    first mistake- going to walmart to fix the problem.

    does you brother know what he is doing? did he install the drivers for the card?and did he uninstall the old ones first? the sound card would not cause this problem. it sounds like the drivers need to be updated or installed which you can get from ATI's website

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    I had the coolest same concern 2 weeks in the past!! at the start bypass on the sims 2 website, and there would desire to be a itemizing of video enjoying cards there. you may get some quite much low-cost ones for like $30? $40 5? in any case 2 weeks in the past i ordered GeForce FX 5200. it became quite much low-cost and it works large in my interest, it strikes speedy and the portraits are large and hi! NO FLASHING purple partitions! it became quite difficulty-free to place in =]]

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