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I have a loose tooth i hate ripping it out cause it hurts rip it out or just leave it 4 l8ter?


Its in the back but wiggles like in rate of 4 its between 2,3

Update 2:

I already had 1 come out today

Update 3:

I see a lil tiny bit o blood on napkin

Update 4:

A crack and almost there

Update 5:


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    you could choke on it if it comes out while you are sleeping so its best to get them out while you still can! lmao

  • Anonymous
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    I had 2 that were really loose next to my 2 front teeth which I recently broke and had to have pulled out. I couldn't stand it cuz they moved when I talked and I finally just took them out a few days ago and it was ok, only bled a little. Now I don't have any front teeth but I hope to get some fake ones soon. If it was me I'd just take it out if it's that loose.

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    True, it hurts when you rip it off....but then thats it! It's over and gone forever....and I agree with the answer certainly don't want to swallow it or get choked, do you?...common and be brave for a second! Just rip it off....take help of a dentist if you need....all the best!

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    I think I know what you are trying to say. Loose tooth needs to come out, if this is your first teeth, take it out so the other can come in correctly. If this is your second (adult) teeth, go to a dentist and see if it can be saved, if not, pull it out.

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  • Mintee
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    its best to pull it.. I tested a theory on this.. my first child, I pulled all their teeth that became loose.. He has nice straight teeth.. my 2nd child.. I let the tooth stay till it fell out on its own.. now behind the loose tooth grew the new tooth.. sideways and not in place. now I am going to have to pay for braces for my bad theory choice..

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    Just take it on out or eat something hard that would make it fall out. You wouldnt wanna choke on it or swallow it in your sleep. It wont hurt that bad, esp if is baby teeth.

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    You should try to get it out if you can. You don't want to swallow it or choke on it while you are sleeping.

  • eat a apple something hard

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    leave it until it is ready..*giggle* how old are you?

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