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how do i help her?

ok my best friend likes this guy but she knows he doesnt like her...shes 13 and has never had a bf. shes consered about her wieght...i'm very skinny and i want to help her but i have a super fast matabalizm so the way i eat wont help her at all...we are gonna start out with a mile and gradulally increase our running every week...and do 100 sit ups a day...what else can we do?

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    Well you know what talk to me one on one and we can talk about better excercises to do, you see running can be good for you but it may not be what she needs, she may need more.

    On my blog I have some great excercises and things to consider. Check it out and let me know what you think or need some new ideas.

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    Ok so ur trying to HELP this girl and shes told u she likes a guy and uv said she needs to loose weight to have a chance with him?!!!

    Get her to talk to the guy and show her personality, she doesn't have to loose weight for the guy or for you but if she really wants to loose weight for her own sake then going for an early morning fun every day will help. *** shes thirteen she should be loving life and NOT CARING WHAT PEOPLE THINK instead of worrying about what she looks like.

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    She needs to loose weight to boost her self esteem....

    You can't make anyone like or love you's recriprical attraction that brings people together then mature takes it's course..

    Hey , she's still only a kid, she has a long way to go in terms of life and relationships......tell her to develop her personality, do things, have fun with friends etc...

    Every thing takes time and she has a lot of time .....


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    eat right

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