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I Cant Figure Him Out He Seems Genuine What Do You Think?

This guy i am really close too, he is so sweet to me I think what we have is really special. He is always hugging me and complimenting me. He remembers everything i have ever said. He treats me as if he cares about me, he will sometimes randomly kiss me on the shoulder or cheek. We are both attracted to each other, and i know that i have feelings for him but im not sure if its just a physical attraction for him. We have small fights alot and we have personalitys that clash. Also when he is in a bad mood he is different towards me. He does ask me questions about what i am like in a relationship. We both laugh about how dysfunctional we are in relationships.The one thing we dont talk about is how we feel about each other. I have know idea if he as any real feelings for me at all. We seem to really like each other but does it mean more that just a friendship to him?

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    If he kissed you on the cheek and hugs you its not a friendship to him he likes you. Its hard to say how much he likes you, But it depends how he kisses you and hugs you, if he hugs you in a warm loving way oppsed to grinding and feeling you up, I would say he might have genuine feelings for you stronger than a freindship.

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    Firstly don't be afraid of your own feelings, it is better to be open and honest and have no regrets. Secondly knowing if he is sincere is almost impossible, but if you follow your heart and trust in yourself you cant go wrong. Lastly, if he does turn, which i hope doesn't happen, know it is not your fault. Try to remember him hurting you should never get in the way of your future. It is best to not live with regret, so don't go thru life saying i wish i had... just do it. sorry nike ;)

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    I think he likes you. There are many factors that have to be in place for a relationship to start and of course for it to work, but i think you two have some solid ground together. I think he is curious about you but afraid to make a move. If you're bold, ask him out. If you're not, flirt like crazy with him, make it impossible for him not to kiss you, etc. and see what happens.

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    u say u talk about relationships

    ask him when talking about a relationship

    if he were the one dataing u wot u would do

    then its easy to twist the convo any way

    "maybe im too/not good looking"

    "do u think i look good enough to data would u data me"

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    Not trying to be a jerk, but I hear a lot of, "Men aren't like they used to be", "Men are pigs", "Men are ___" and when a nice guy comes along, you think "Hmm, not him". If you're interested in him b/c you think he's a nice guy, try it and find out for yourself. If you aren't, then don't.

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    Why don't you just ask him? Casually, as if it was not important? Like in a playful way?

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    U should ask him. talk to him. good luck and have a happy new year.

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    ask him why he does not talk about his feelings towards you.

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