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i am a clinical and anatomical pathologist from over sees , how could i find a search work?

i have 10 year experience of work in my country

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    you can start by going to the hospitals and filling out applications as they are always looking for people. the medical industry in the united states is ever growing and they are always expanding. i am not a classified ads person and have never been lucky with answering ads but you can try that.

    another thing you can do is go to employment agencies and register with them. the employment agencies will look for work for you and they usually get paid by the companies that hire you. if they can get you a job and you have to pay them a fee, it is worth it because when you have a job, that opens the door for you and gives you opportunities in the future as you would already have experience in the u.s.a. you can find employment agencies either in the yellow pages in your town or online. just call them and ask them for an appointment. you can sign up with several. by the way, where are you located? do you know that many hospitals are looking just for your background. so go out there and fill up all kinds of applications either directly to hospitals, clinics and don't forget.....employment tell you the truth, i found ALL my jobs via employment agencies and they were all great jobs in great companies. i am retired now but they have done wonders for me since i arrived in the u.s.a. 20 years ago.

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