How does the disabled apply for university in U.S.? as a foreigner?

I am a student with medium hearing impairment (the hearing loss of my left ear and right ear are 50dB and 55dB, respectively).

Could anyone tell me

How do I apply for the schools in U.S.? the same as a normal student?

Is there any other requirement and limit for me to apply an master degree in U.S.? or it depends on each school?

Where can I get related information and help?

Really thank anyone's reply! May God bless you!

Happy new year, btw!


excuse me, is the english level exam you mentioned equivalent to ibt toefl test? Bt it is a hardship and unfair for the disabled = =... Or the exams you meant is different?

Thanks for reply anyway!

Update 2:

extremely thanks for help!

Therefore, as you said, I still need to have the ibt toefl test and my grade should also reach the shcools' requirement or i will lose the qualification, right?!

OH~~~that will be a torture... sigh...

Update 3:

Could any experienced ppl share your experience and tell me how i can do now? Appreciate you all deeply!!!

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    most universities have applications for foreign students. get in touch with any university and ask them to mail you a brochure and enrollment application. you can get most of these information online as most universities have web sites. contact the admission office or they may have a department for foreign students. also, your hearing should not make a difference. there are no rules here that the hearing impaired cannot be enrolled. they may suggest that once you start schooling to get a hearing aid just to help you out or the university may suggest something for you. you can start by applying and taking the tests you need. if you are in another country, your school right now can administer the tests for you. ask your school administrator how to go about it. if you are in the u.s.a., contact the schools you are interested in. just go ahead and work on it and forget your disability. if in the application they ask if you have a disability, tell them truthfully that you are hearing impaired. that will not make a difference to them if you do. actually, universities and colleges go out of their way to help those who have disabilities. they just need to know if they have facilities that can help you. good luck in your search.

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    where there is a will ,there is a way .if you wanna enter usa university ,you 'd better get in touch with the authority of the university which you want to enter .and then you should pass the english level exam .and work hard !you can do it !~

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