How do you flirt with a guy to like?

I think i'm pretty but i am 15 and i have never had a boyfriend. nor kissed a boy. i am attractive and skinny, but i never thought i was ready but with him i feel that i am in love. how to i get him to nottice me?

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    Are you sure you wanna do something that'll get males to NOTICE you?... Hmm... I don't know, but I personally woudln't (and dont) do that because I think that's more like disrespecting myself. BE yourself, a smart, attractive young lady, and if no male notices, too bad for them. Don't flirt with them or anything, but always talk in an intelligent, open manner with them. Never had a boyfriend? So what?!?! Is having a boyfriend or kissing a boy so important? No, it's not, don't worry. Being intimate should be preserved for the one you REALLY love (the one you marry), but it seems as though I'll be mocked for saying this! Oh, well, I don't care. That's the truth. There's much more to living life happily and peacefully than having a boyfriend and such. So be strong, be patient, and wait for the RIGHT gentleman. He'll come along someday, don't worry! :D

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    A quick note or telling a friend about your crush will surely get the message to the guy you like. Try just looking at his eyes and seeing if you see the same in his eyes. If you do, then smile and ask him to help you study. Try suggesting going to the library together and see where that goes.

    Even a simple phone call will show him that you are interested in him. Just smile and giggle after what he says to make him feel comfortable enough to open up and be himself.

    You may be so close to the situation that you may not even realize this guy may aready be interesated in you and all he is doing is trying to work up the guts to figure a way for him to make the first move.

    Just live in the moment and let things happen naturally. I can gaurantee you that later in life- the entire guy thing will shift in your favor- as boys grow into men. Just make sure you don't try too hard that it changes who you are...Be yourself. There are soooo many guys out there to get to know...and you have a lot of time to get to know them. So, relax- and try to understand sometimes it takes guys a little time to understand their feelings. They really are behind girls in emotional years as well. I was once a 15 yr old boy myself and I was more focused on driving and being cool with my friends..and sports.

    Don't be to quick to kiss a boy. It will happen naturally down the road. I know you want gratifaction now...but you will REALLY be happy to save your first kiss for the guy that feels for you as strong as you feel for him.

    PS- I am a dad of 2 teenage girls and this is what I have told my daughters and they have told me it helped. I hope it helps you!

    PSS- I bet you are a beautiful young lady, so let the guys come to you.

    Best Wishes!

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    Forget the other, nonsense answers. Eye contact and a smile are all it takes. You have to be sure that was picked up before moving on. From there a hello in passing but noticeably on purpose. Maybe two hellos. That's all. Honest! You won't fail.

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    talk to him . strut yur stuff. but be real. dont give wht u rnt ! its ok ... save yur kisses for the one whos worth giving them 2. happy 2007 <3

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    don't wear clothes. have a pink mohawk such as mine. or a mullet. a b*** job wouldn't hurt either.

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    tell him

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