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should i keep my windows firewall on??

my McAfee firewall plus is already enabled.

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    No. You shouldn't have 2 firewalls running at the same time, they conflict with each other and it's as bad as having no firewall at all.

    Windows firewall is rubbish, you should disable it and leave your McAfee firewall running.

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    4 years ago

    If you go into Zone Alarm and it says that its firewall is up and running, it's ok because it merely replaced Windows Firewall as the firewall on your computer. You can't have two firewalls running simultaneously unfortunately. And since ZoneAlarm is a better firewall, just keep the windows one off and your ZoneAlarm on.

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    I heard that it isn't really good to have two firewalls running at the same time so keep the mcafee one and disable the windows.

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    it doesn't hurt to have 2 firewalls, but no. It's not necessary. If you have a wireless router that is a secured connection, there is no need in having a firewall at all.

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    Yes. you should turn on your windows firewall. And i should tell you that Avg is the best in today's market. Even it is quite expensive it detect viruses and worms. How ever don't turn off firewall.Thank you.

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    I use Panda and cannot run all thing with it. Xp firewall is on Panda firewall is off. { Too sensative } If you have no problems leave them both on.

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    keep the firewall on. extra protection against viruses is never a bad thing.

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    keep it on, as long as they aren't conflicting with each other. mcafee is much better, so windows isn't going to be doing much. you could disable it to free up resources and possibly gain a little performance. by the wat, dr. dee, firewalls don't protect from viruses, they protect from intrusion by hackers by closing ports and blocking malicious connection attempts to those ports...

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    most virus are spread through IE. IE is not a safe browser. you should use a more secure browser to protect your PC from virus.

    i recommand you to use firefox with Google toolbar. firefox can block any any popup and disable any virus and adware, spyware on webpage, so, firefox is much safer than IE browser. as you know, most of virus spread throught internet and webpage.

    besides, firefox is much smaller than IE, so it run faster than IE.

    download firefox for free, Just have a try:


    Good Luck, Merry Xmas !!!

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    im guessing that the MACAFEE came with yur PC or laptop, believe me that expires! its like 90 days or somethin' i used to have it and then it expired along with my antivirus and spamkiller.

    free stuff never is good! but if ya bought it then juz leave mcafee on

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