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guinea pig excessivly chewing?

My Guinea pig loves to chew on furniture, clothes, paper and tissues. Is this bad for him and his stomach? if so any suggestions to make him stop.

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    No it's not bad for him but I would suggest that you keep it caged so it doesn't continue to do so and give it chew toys you don't even have to spend money on them you could put a wad of paper in or a paper towel roll or some huncks of wood. A lot of times they get nerves being in large areas and will chew out of control. Although it's not harmful health wise it isn't safe dite wise cuz it can cause obesity.

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    A guinea pig is a rodent, meaning their teeth constantly grow throughout their lives. This means they'll have to chew on something to keep their teeth in good shape. Do you let the guinea pig out of its cage and let 'em wander around and chew whatever? Paper, tissues--things that come from some kind of bark won't harm the guinea pig. However, other materials in clothing and furniture might. In order to make the guinea pig stop, put it in it's cage and try giving it some wooden chew sticks instead. It works with my guinea pigs.

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    Provide your pig with some timothy hay from a bale or cubes and it will get some nutrition. They are not supposed to chew all the time. Provide some safe wood like pine also. Your pig may not be getting an adequate diet to be eating all those things. We've had guinea pigs for years and they are not big chewers like rabbits. Provide more hard vegetables and maybe provide a change of pellets. Not all pelleted diets are the same and the cheapest from the place with the low, low prices, is definitely not the best. Go to a local pet store or Pet-smart and read the #1 ingredient in their foods. Do not feed your pig alfalfa hay either.

    Hope this helps you.

    Source(s): Independent pet shop since 1995.
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    No it is perfectly okay. You may want to buy him some chew sticks ( wood ) It is perfectly normal for guinea pigs to chew. Give him a toilet paper roll he will go crazy. The only thing that can really hurt him is if he chews into an electrical chord (that's commen sense though). My little pig chews anything he can get his hands on. He wont stop just put things in his cage that he can have to chew on, the reason they chew is to ware down their teeth, you see their teeth NEVER stop growing and if they stopped chewing, then their teeth would be HUGE ha. But like i said cardboard and things will stimulate him to chew on his own things and not yours and it is perfectly fine for him.

    i hope i could help..

    good luck with your piggy :]

    BTW as a responce to what that someone said above me, GUINEA PIGS CHEW ALOT, And it is perfectly normal!

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    Guinea pigs are constant chewers and they chew on everything. Try giving him some wood blocks, rawhide chew toys, Alfa Alfa cubes and so on. I give my guinea pig the cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels to chew on. She loves her "nippies" and they are safe as long as there is no perfume on them.

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    My brother has a guinea pig and we had the same problem. The guy at the pet shop told us it was a sign of bordem. Try getting her some more toys etc and she should stop

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    The chewing itself is not unusual, however, ingesting some of those materials can be. Keep him set up with unlimited timothy hay so he has something to chew on.

    Source(s): - rescuer of guinea pigs - owner of 6 rescue guinea pigs
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    no, its ok. Its a rodent and their teeth are constantly growing, so they must chew on stuff to wear them down. Its ok, even the paper and tissue. however i don't think its good for the furniture...

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    Put a box in it's cage thats what my kids did and they were ok,also put a wood block for them to chew on.They are getting bored,sorry to tell ya that

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