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What is involved in raising a penguin? I want to own a pet penguin.?

But I don't want her to get real big. I want a small penguin.

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    You are gonna have to make a place really cold for her and get lots of krill or fish to keep her full. Good Luck on finding a penguin! Happy New Year!

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    First of all, I don't even know for sure that owning a penguin is legal!

    Also, those small penguins that you see at the zoo and places, do not need the cold frigid temps of antartica. They are not from there!

    Personally, I do not think it's right to own a penguin. Unless you're bringing in some big bucks, you're not going to be able to keep up with huge requirements they'll need. And they're time consuming. As someone else already said, they're not the dog that you buy at a shelter and bring it home.Penguins are so much happier in the wild!

    Plus, I was watching Good Morning American a while back, and they had JAck Hannah on there with animals, and 1 was a small penguin, like the ones in the zoo. It was actually called a "jackass" penguin, because it sounded like a donkey. And it wasn't very friendly. He said that they could still be hostile. They're not the cute cudly things that you saw on happy feet, or march of the penguins.

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    A penguins enclosure must be no less than 12 sq. ft. land space and 28 sq. ft. water space PER bird.(and that's for an exceptionally small species) also for every pair of birds you have; you need 1 nesting cave/caveran/space (varies by breed). The enclosure must have 2 inch glass surrounding it. water must be kept at a constant temp. (varies by variety) There diet also varies by variety.

    The license alone costs almost 50,000.00, and there is an annual fee of approx. 5,000.00.

    Despite what many people think only 2 of the 14 species of penguin live in a cold climate. The majority of the others live near the equator.

    As far as the cost per bird; well that ranges from 15,000-300,000+

    Penguins require alot more care than you would expect, and are NOT recommended for the beginner or intermediate avian hobbyist.

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    Mary is that you?

    Holy moll-oy!

    I want a lion, and I do want him to grow big.

    So I guess a little penguin, they are really, really cute, isn't so bad.

    You would want to have a lot of money because really these animals really are happiest in the wild.

    Or something simulating it as closely as possible. Also to have just one would be cruel, they are very social animals, so add even more bucks.

    It would be a lot cheaper to get your degreee in animal husbandry and become a keeper at a zoo or Sea World where they do a halfway decent job reproducing their habitats, and social environment.

    Or you could become a researcher. And help proctect them in the wild working with them up close in South America, Australia, South Africa and Antarctica.

    Good luck whatever you choose to do...I am a firm beliver that enough true love and passion for anything will always benefit our world!

    God Bless and Happy New Year!

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    You have to make a good habitat for her. Which would include fish water that she could swim in and also it must be cold for her. If she wants a small penguin you should get a fairy penguin or a little blue penguin.

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    You can't legally own a penguin because those are protected by law. Plus, you really can't recreate the cold environment they are used to.

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    i don't believe of this is achievable to possess a penguin(not legally, besides).It does not be honest to the penguin if it were kept as a "puppy". They belong contained in the wild. appreciate them by taking %. of them with a digital camera, at a zoo or contained in the wild.

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    Well,if u want a peguin,first of all make sure u don't live in Texas(lol^_^).One thing is to keep it nice and cool and have water for them to swim in,if u live by a lake,that would be the best.Also,peguins eat fish so have plenty of it.Not cooked,but raw.That is how they have it in the wild.Hope I helped and happy new year!!!

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    yea I want one too. But be fair to the animal, don't, you need the climate and water. Its not like a dog that you could just pick up and take home at the shelter.

  • Penguins eat krill, you need lots of krill =)

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