child moving out of state?

I got a women pregnant from a one night stand. I did not know the child was born until she was three months old. At about six months I started taking her on the weekends and paying child support. I never took a paternity test and we never went to court. When she was 6 her mother got married and moved her to Washington where her husband lived. I really did not know what my rights were. I stopped paying monthly child support, but have sent money for clothes and plain tickets for her to come visit. I would like to know what the guide lines are for paying child support for a child that has moved out of state, and if she was to move back what would happen.

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    The first step that I would do if I were you would be to immediately begin to take an accounting of each penny/item that you have given to your children's mom for child support.

    You need to make the child support official. This is to protect your own parental rights. There may be a time time when your child's mom might not be as cordial as she is now.

    If you question the paternity of the baby. You may consider a paternity test.

    You could very well be paying too much in support.

    In many states to initiate a child support order (a state can take legal action either wherever you live or where your daughter lives or may even initiate a support order in the state where she was conceived even if it's different than where you or your child live).

    You may investigate (how much of child support payment guidelines) as to the child support laws where you are versus compared to where your child lives.

    Nearly every state in the country have laws and procedures in place that recognize and enforce child support orders and parenting plan orders from other states. They enforce support orders even if their own child support guidelines are much different than the state that the order was originally created in.

    I'd start with what I've outlined above.

    Source(s): I have been through a divorce and have gained a good deal of knowledge about this topic and processes involved with such. Much of the child support guideline information is readily available online.
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    I hate to say this but

    I think that when the child comes back for a visit you should get a blood test and make sure it is your child.

    If you search the internet, you can get a 'kit' for about $200.00. YOu can do the test at home and the only thing you need to do is the swab the inside of your 'daughter's' mouth. I have watched to many of the maury povich shows to know that ONE NIGHT STANDS are generally not unique events.

    if she slept with you on the first night do you really believe that there were not SEVERAL other men she did that with>

    maybe you were just the best pick of all of them

    maybe she did not tell you about the baby because she had blamed someone else prior to the birth and he saw the light

    (have you seen the OFFICAL birth certificate)


    there are clues there too (did she blame someone else initially?)

    for example

    if your blood type is o positive

    and she is ab negative IT IS NOT YOUR CHILD

    there are blood type matrixes all over the internet

    JUst think you should BE sure before you spend another dime

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    1. Get a lawyer

    2. Get a paternity test

    3. Start paying child support again. Even if it isn't your child, it will look better if/when you go to court.

    4. Call the mother and ask for visitation more frequently.

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    Regardless of where your child lives you should be paying child support. If you want to know all the details and in's and out's then you should contact a lawyer and get all the proper information. You should also get paternity test.

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    if the child is yours, there would likely be a payroll deduction for a certain percentage of your income. this is regardless of the state the child lives in. if you have doubts about paternity, get a test done. in the long run, the expense of that might be worthwhile. if, indeed, the child is yours, you have rights to visit.

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    the best i advice i can tell you get a hold of child support, and ask them or contact a lawyer maybe he can tell you something. You are a good guy taking the responsiblity for that child. without taking a parternity test. good luck.

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    you have no legal support order. However, you have a moral responsibility to the child. It doesn't matter where she lives, you are her dad and you should be sure she has everything she needs.

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