Are new home sales booming anywhere in this country, Fl and GA are in serious trouble.?

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    WE have a dead market here in Michigan. Auto workers are out of jobs, plants closing down, State workers are being laid off-permanently. It's sad. We had a chance to improve with a new governor this past election, but dumb people kept the same old one (by a very close margin, tho, I might add).

    Houses have been on the market in the area I live for 3-4 years. Real estate brokers are going "broker". Hoping for a better year ahead, but it won't be until the dust settles and people can find jobs.

    No media hype here, it's the Real Deal.

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    Nationwide, home sales increased in November and inventories shrank. This means that in the short run, home prices are likely to stay about the same or rise. (Increasing numbers of homes for sale on the market is what will drive prices down, meaning there are a growing number of sellers but not enough buyers to go around.)

    In my city, home prices are rising slowly and steadily, home construction is inscreasing, and sales are rising but not at any impressive rate.

    (The "bursting bubble" theory resides only in the media. It's an illusion created by journalists who don't want the president's impressive economy to be successful or sound successful. The bubble has been bursting now for 2 years!)

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    Here in northern Utah, we've got so much construction going on that there's been a concrete shortage. And it's a nice place to live, too. Of course, if you don't like Mormons, you might not like it here. I'm not a Mormon myself, but I'll take a place where the lines of church and state are a tad blurry over a place run by politically correct liberals any day.

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    As for florida, it's just really expensive and insurance is a helluva lot. I haven't noticed any slowing-down of development here in Georgia (no restrictions on anything, especially in my general area), I think that it might be the overabundance of empty homes that's killing the market here.

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    Beaumont Texas is under a construction explosion

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    i work with new home sales in florida and it's great...why is FL and GA in toruble?? homes are from $250000-$500000??...shekerias at

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