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Can Wii play Gamecube games?

I haven't gotten a Wii yet, but I am dying to get one. I wanted to know if Wii will play gamecube games. I have a zelda collector's edition with a bunch of zelda games and was wondering If I could play that on a Wii.

Also, what are the chances of getting a Wii in California?


Also do you need a memory card still, or did they put in some kind of a hard drive or memory storage in the game console?

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    I got my wii from you could try to get the wii in stores but i gave up of getting em in stores. i dont think the wii plays gamecube gamecubes. i haven't tried though.

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    Yeah, I have a Wii and you definitely can. You need gamecube controller, but your old memory cards and controllers and everything will work perfectly in it.

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    yes, the wii can play gamecube games. you will need a wii classic controller or a gamecube controller to play them.

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    Sure will play gamecube games. You can find a Wii pretty much anywhere.

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    im proud that ur getting the wii. *tear* i love it when ppl contribute to nintendo. it can play gamecube games but u need the control the actual gamecube game and the memory card. by connecting online u can buy past games from nintendo 64, super nintendo, nintendo, turbo graffix, and one more system that i forget. trust me, wii is everything u need

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    Yes, but you NEED a Cube controller. Preferably a Wavebird. The classic controller will not work with Cube games. Don't know about Cali though. I'm on the east coast. Try or is it

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    yes it will be able to play them but you need the gamecube controller

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    ya you's pretty still need a memory card and now you can play some of the games in 480p...nuts...

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    Gamestop gets them in on sundays but get there early!!!

    and yes it will play game cube to!

    Source(s): Gamestop
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    yes, you need a memory card and controller

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