Did superman ever get a green card or is he still an illegal alien?

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    "clark kent" is considered born in the USA and a citizen of the USA

    "superman" has special priviliges given by the United nations, has a right to go pretty much anywhere in the world

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    Clark Kent was adopted and any citizen issues were likely wrapped up in his adoption. As Superman, he resides at the Fortress, and thus technically is not a US resident. One could argue that since Superman's Job is saving the world, and he does most of that from Metropolis, USA That he should have a work visa if nothing else under that Identity. Also since most version imply that he has been deputized by the Mayor to capture and Detain criminals that he may have taken the oath of citizenship as well, if only as a token act for PR.

    Also as an ET he did not cross any borders to enter the country, and according to 'Death and Life' the novel based on the Doomsday story arc, he was sent as a fetus(don't ask) in a 'birthing matrix' and wasn't technically born until Ma Kent touched the craft and the shell disolved revealing him inside.

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    After the “reboot” of the DC universe following Crisis on Infinite Earths, when Superman was sent to Earth, it was not as an infant, a toddler as was always shown before. He was still a fetus, sent in a “birthing matrix”—what we would call an artificial womb. So, in a sense, he was “born” when he arrived hear on Earth, in America, making him legally an American.

    However, I doubt that he could prove this without revealing his secret identity. Another alteration to the mythos is that, instead of taking the infant to the orphanage and later adopting him, Jonathan and Martha Kent pretended that he was their own child.

    There was a severe winter storm in the Midwest, the worst blizzard in fifty years (even worse than the winter storms currently going on in the American Midwest.)

    [This was caused by the Manhunters, enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. who failed to prevent the rocket reaching Earth, but let’s not get into that. You can find out more about the Manhunters by reading the glcorps.org entry on them.]

    Everybody in town knew that the Kents had tried and failed to have children, so they simply told people that they didn’t realize Martha was pregnant and had the child at home, then couldn’t get into town until spring. People believed it, apparently they went through the legal procedures for getting a birth certificate that apply in cases where the birth is not attended by a doctor, and Clark was recognized as an American.

    It was not until Luthor tried and failed to clone Superman, to have a Superman under his own control with which he could discredit the real Superman, that his experts discovered that Superman’s DNA was not human, and consequently he was an alien.

    (Why they did not assume that he was a mutant caused by an evolutionary leap is beyond me.) I think this may have even been before Superman knew of his Kryptonian origins. The defective Superman clone went on to become the new Bizarro.

    I’m not sure how the general public learned that Superman was not originally from Earth. Probably most people, except for a few ACLU types, did not care, or simply said, “That makes sense.” Once Luthor became President, he might have tried to stir up some trouble for Superman, but he did not know that Superman was Clark Kent.

    (Luthor didn’t believe it when one of his hirelings found out and told him, on the basis that he himself could never be humble enough to keep it secret, therefore nobody could.)

    By that time, Superman had long since been deputized as a policeman by the mayor of Metropolis. And, along the same lines that the Federal Government actually takes in cases such as these, where the alien is willing to enter military service, or in this case civil service, the citizenship process is expedited. Certainly, Superman is not lying back and expecting the Federal Government to provide everything for him without being willing to work himself…! He has simply never been asked to provide documentation. I suppose he might not have a green card, but this is an overlooked formality, not a violation of law.

    The same principle applied in a 1960’s Superman story where an overzealous IRS auditor tried to hit Superman with a bill for unpaid taxes. His income was enormous-- all the coal he squeezed into diamonds, rewards given him for capturing criminals (even though he promptly turned them over to charity) rare artifacts, fossils and valuable minerals he dug up from beneath the earth’s surface, etc. He owed trillions in unpaid taxes. So he gave them a check drawn on the bank of Krypton.

    (Actually, the IRS agreed to recognize that everybody in the entire world was a dependent of Superman. At least they did establish that he wasn’t criminally evading paying.)

    To sum up, Superman is not here illegally, and DC (lobbyists take note!) will not allow their character to be misused as a political pawn to support illegal immigration. When immigrants serve in the military or as police officers or other such hazardous positions of public service, there is an accelerated process for them to be given citizenship. Those are the kind of immigrants that every right thinking nation wants.

    If only there really was a Superman… (sigh.)

    1 JAN 07, 1641 hrs, GMT.

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    I heard that he got fake ID fromThe Green Lantern, so he was an illegal legal alien. Wait, or was that legal illegal alien. Either way, it was the Hoover era of the FBI and way before Men In Tights was a movie, it was an ongoing investigation, and there's a REASON that J. Edgar had his personal files destroyed. He had it in for Batman and Robin, too, but that one laid an egg, not J. Edgar.

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    I'd have to say no, if the Kent's took him to any government agency when they found him they would have done blood test and other physical and mental test. It wouldn't have take them long to figure out there was something strange with him. So I'll say he is still an illegal alien.

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    No No!!Superman Is legal Bu not his birth certificates are fakes but there hasnt been any contoversy so who knows

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    He came as a child and was adopted by an American couple. They should have gone to immigration and got him emergency status as a refugee as his planet was destroyed.

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    Lol, this should count in the jokes & riddles ^.^

    good question tho, that's probably why the government are after him.

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    He's illegal. See how stupid border fences are now?

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    rofl. alien, that's funny. don't mind me, i'm just laughing in the backround.

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