LIMEWIRE security?

ILLEGAL or NOT??? i mean-- if you download a movie-for-say, an ipod and you have a legal copy of the movie, then is it illegal...

and... is limewire secure enough that there is a zero probability of getting caught???

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    There is no zero prob. getting caught. This goes for anything illegal.

    But if you keep it to a minimum, there's little chance they go after you. If you share tons of copyrighted files, then you can get in trouble. The RIAA and the like, tend to go after the heavy users. If they are succesful with that, then they also will go after the not-heavy users.

    If you have a legal copy of a movie, then why would you want to download it? If you can't play it on the device you want, then you were ripped off.

    The legal / illegal media-copying rules are all created by people with big money. (Money=power=create own justice rules.) If you think it is unfair they have so much money, then go download.

    Limewire itself is 100% legal (if you stick with only sharing not-copyrighted files).

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    From what I understand you can technically get caught, but it's highly unlikely. Limewire protects itself by saying that you shouldn't download copywrited material. They are trying to bust people who take the Limewire material and sell it for profit. They aren't looking for a normal user just using it for their own enjoyment. Its the same way a police officer will give that teenager a small citation or even a warning for a gram of weed, but put the dealer in jail for a long time.

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    just don't leave the program open when not in use

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