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How to dance during clubbing??

Hi, i am a 18 year old guy who just starting going to club because my friends asking me to, but i dunno how to dance and often my friend have to force me down to the dance floor.

can anyone teach me some basic technique here??

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    hey! ive got friends who ask me the same thing when im with them. have a couple of drinks but depending on the kinda guy u r, it could make u do stupid things - eg. getting onto a table. so just figure out how much u need to get u comfortable and loose at the joints. lol.

    if the club is packed, should be pretty easy, just move ur arms to the music but not anything crazy but try keep ur feet in position coz thats the easiest way to mess up. its not really about the moves, but more about the confidence u ooze. if u look s**t scared people will see it thru ur movements so just relax and follow the music. if ur feeling brave ,u cud lift ur arms and yell a little but only if u know what ur doing. basically, just sway and keep ur arms in rhythm. its all about ur "aura". good luck and HVE FUN!

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    Well, for myself, I was always shy in front of others.... so when I was 21, I turned to a couple of drinks to help loosen me up a little, then I'd dance. What also helped me was watching MTV and BET (but I'm a girl), so I'd shake my butt more than you'd want to lol. Dancing became one of my passions... but I am now 24 almost 25 with a 15 month old son, so I don't get out really anymore at all.... so I say to you, just have fun, relax... time goes too fast! Enjoy it while you can. You don't have to grind if you don't want to- I didn't really care for that... just do what feels comfortable to you-and if you have to, practice at home alone! :)


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    Hi! Feel the beat and move your top half but not to much with your legs or you look foolish. Don't make large movements. A lady thinks a man is sexy when they can feel a man's passion through dance but can keep the his movements subtle , hiding secret passionate moves for the one he loves.See Ya!

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    Put a smile on your face, enjoy yourself and don't worry about what people think! I know it sounds cheesy, but just move your body to the music.

    Happy dancing! :o)

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    Umm well what I've noticed with most people...

    They just grind on eachother.


    its weird but just do it you'll get alot of attention.

    Make sure you do it to the guys tooo

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    Any way you want to half the people there don't know what they're doing anyway.

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