What should i do? see details?

my supposed to be best friend asked me the other day if i would go with her and her boyfriend so they could get busy(if you know what i mean)...the thing is, is that the persons house that they are going to is actually the guy that i like...i know that she is using me but she doesnt know that because her bf has some affect on her she would do anything for him...and the worst part is that she knows that im a virgin and plans on staying one until i get married but she told me that if the opporitunity presents itself then i should take it.

we are only in high school thanx for the help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    follow your instinct. if it don't feel right, back off. real friends don't force each other to do anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    even if she is a good friend of yours you should still learn to say NO to a friend..and if she is really a friend of yours she would understand. Coz friends don't only support and understand each other but also accept them..whether it would be who they are or what the decisions they make in life.

  • 1 decade ago

    she is very wrong because if that is what you want and she doesnt accept that than who is she to tell you that if its there than take it. if she isnt a good enough friend to accept that you want to remain a virgin then shes isnt that best of a friend.sorry=[

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    1 decade ago

    ignore. say no . dont let her use u . if u hav the plan to save sex ( good 4 u by the way ;) ) then stick to it. dont let yur so called friend get in the way.

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