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How long does it take for a car battery to drain?

i have a 2003 Nissan Altima, and i was gone for 11 days. will my car still run?

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    For that year and model, it should be fine, as long as you did not leave any light(s) on - even like a glove compartment light. Once you start it, let it run for at least 5 minutes - don't "test" start it, then shut it right off - this could drain the last amount of power left to start it. Leaving it run for a bit will recharge it fairly quickly. It really will depend on what condition your battery is in. Batteries have different life expentencys based on design, and it goes by months. Ususally, it's easy to read on the battery (like Prostart 60), the 60 meaning months, which would be 5 years. There should also be alll months and some years on the label with the month and year removed. I like to replace mine 3-6 months before it's time is up. Also, deep draining a battery shortens its overall life.

    Source(s): Auto mechanics class / books / and lots of driving and owning cars experience.
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    Yes it will run, 11 days is nothing for a full charged battery,if you think something might be draining the battery take the negative cable off the battery to be safe.

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    If everything is working as it should, 11 days should not drain your battery to the point it won't start. If you have an alarm and it is sensitive, parking near an airport will sometimes trigger the alarm over and over as the jets take off. This may drain your battery.

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    carry out a little math: The inverter makes use of a few capacity for itself and the DVD participant desires some capacity. The battery has a definite quantity- enable's say 50 amps/hr. If the inverter and DVD participant use 10 amps/hr, you will run it down in 5 hours. The inverter will in all probability close off after the battery runs halfway down nonetheless, some have that risk-free practices. So, assume to would desire to recharge on the tip of a action picture. i don't likely be attentive to how a lot capacity your inverter or DVD participant use, so take a glance interior the manuals that got here with them. in all probability they don't use as a lot capacity as I used interior the word.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    .the battery will not drain by it self for as long as three months.

    but,...if You have an electric wire in short to ground the elapsed time reduce to almost no time at all.

    My guess... You car is almost new so,.. there is no problem. It will crank when You get back

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    the life of you battery is directly proportional to the drain on it..

    think of your battery like a bucket of water with a hole in the bottom..

    the hole being the power being taken from the battery

    the bigger the hole, the faster the bucket is empty

  • Wabbit
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    1 decade ago

    It all depends...

    Do you have an alarm? Does your battery normally drain?

    odds are it will still start.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why should'nt it.If you turned everything off.when you left the car.There is no reason it should'nt start normally After all they're are people who park thier cars at terminals for several days.No problem.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it depends on the age and condition of the battery, a nearly new one should be ok.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, it's completely drained, buy a new car.

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