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this isnt a question but tell me what you think. we are seven years overdue!?

scientests said that the world was going to end in the year 2000. well, now it is 2007! seven years overdue! dont you think this just proves that only god can know when the true end comes? i think this is so neat! tell me if you also agree! oh, and happy new year!

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  • Chad
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    they must have been wrong

  • Anonymous
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    I don't remember scientists saying that the world was going to end. I just remember them saying that our technology might have some technical difficulties, or they might stop working due to the reason that they were not set up for a date that didn't have 19 in front of it. Then they said that the date would just be wrong on some machines, like televisions and vcr's. I don't ever remember them saying that the world would end. Now, there are those relating the Mayan predictions with the world ending in the year 2012. That is when their calendar ends. There are also other sources saying that the world ends that year; the bible code says that the world will end in 2012 when you look up Armageddon, there is a HUGE asteroid heading towards the earth that is suppose to hit that year (check it out on NASA's website) and there is a method that explains how the years in the bible add up to 2007 but because of the difference between the calendar used back then and the one we use now, it actually means 2012. The actual date narrowed down to December 21, 2012, the date Winter Solace begins. The bible says, we will not know the hour, day, or minute BUT we will know the season. Maybe winter solace and that is just a hint?? I tried to find a website for you, but I couldn't. It gave a prediction of the timeline between then and now and how things were going to pan out. Think about it, God said that we would know because we would feel the "birth pains" which means famines and wars and catastrophes happening closer and closer together. We are in two wars right now, and it looks like two more could start any time soon. (N. Korea and Iran) there have been 30 new diseases in the past 100 years. Global warming is causing more and more natural disasters. I hope this helps.

    Source(s): Although I am not the greatest Christian, I hardly go to church, but I know a lot about that subject because I research it all the time. I use to research it for a hobby, but now I am doing research for a paper. A good website that explains a lot to you if you ever have any questions or in need of answers: www. Go there sometime, if even just to look around
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    No scientists said the world was going to end in 2000. I heard it from lots of religious fundamentalists, however.

    Most scientists say the sun will last another 5 billion years so the earth will probably be here that long, Whether it will sustain life is another question entirely.

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    God decides when the world is coming to an end. Not scientists. Yeah, I guess it is neat.

    Happy New Year

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    I didnt know that they said that the world was gonna end in 2000. Happy new year!

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    You hit the nail on the head with this one. ONLY GOD knows when he will come again and take his people and end the world as we know it. Scientist don't know half of what they are talking about..

    Source(s): The HOLY BIBLE..
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    1 decade ago

    That is going to tell you the scientists are not perfect. They don't really know everything. God is. He knows when.

    Happy New Year to you too.

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    i dont think anyone can predict WHEN the world ll end

    they also said that itll end in 2010

    but LOOK at us!!! were not ALMOST dead yet

    who knows

    we can die tomorrow

    or in the year 52687

    hahhaha.....HAPPY NEWYEAR To you too!~!!!

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    Scientists are airheads who try to seize control of the world. They also said that by 1998 humans would be able to fly. I stopped listening to those ******* scientists when I was ten.

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    Rent the video Inconvenient Truth and you will know what they are talking about

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i feel the way you do when God is ready he'll make the move it just depends where ones beliefs lie scientifically or biblicaly.

    happy new years!!!

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