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Eh? asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Qualification and choices to become an USAF officer?

I'm not sure what position I want to take in the Air Force and what way to go, ROTC, Officer Training School?

I'm in high school in my junor year. I plan to major in Political Science and/or International Relations and learn a couple languages. Maybe the CIA needs a couple international relations analysts.

Anyways, will they accept me if I want to major in a non-technical subject for the ROTC? My grades got messed up at the first 2 years to an average when I didn't have much direction in my future and life. So that really hurts my chances.

And what requirments are in Officer Training School?

I haven't talked to a recruiter yet, but I can't really visit one if my parents don't really approve of me in the military. Heard I needed parent permission to speak with a recruiter if I'm a minor.

I had always had this urge for the flying and jets since I was little when I used to hear and feel the Blue Angels roar and shake my windows as they go by. Didn't realize it till just months ago.

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    wow, you have a lot going on in this question. First of all, I was just discharged from the army (for med. reasons) so I am going to say first off, you want to do everything you can to be an officer. Better pay, better benefits, etc. Also, if you can't get to a recruiting station, try online. They have chat rooms with/for recruiters. Understand one thing: a recruiter's job is recruiting!!!!!! Do not necessarily believe something without verifying. Seriously. Find the most disgruntled ex-military person and ask them. When and if you do get in touch with a recruiter, since you mentioned languages and the CIA, you need to ask to take the DLAB test (defense language aptitude battery). I took it twice and kicked it's *** twice. It is a weird test but if you ace it, and can get a clearance, you can go to the Defense Language Institute in California and get paid to learn a language. The higher your score, the more difficult the language and the longer your stay on the seashore.

    Also, you may be biting off more than you can chew with all this and then thinking of flying. Being a pilot is one of the hardest things to get into. Everyone wants to and the standards are HIGH.

    Finally, unless you have a serious desire to be a "trigger puller" or a target, continue thinking air force or even navy. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First off the BLUE ANGELS are navy - F/A 18c Hornet

    Basically what I know about the Navy, sorry I'm not in the Airforce - Basically you will have to get I believe 1250+ on your SAT - Being an officer also requires a 4 year degree however, they do have programs in place which they will send you to school first. Those you'll have to research online or talk to a recruiter. Good grades are a must also. You can also try calling the recruiter and ask then over the phone what option you have.

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  • They will take you with a non technical Bachelors Degree, but a tech one would be better. If you take ROTC in college it's easier. If you decide not to, you'll take the Officer Qualification Test (AQT). It's not hard. I missed it by 2 points on the aviation, so I took a job and learned to fly. They liked that. Good luck. My parents didn't approve and I didn't go through with it. I wish I had.

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