8 grade dance help!!?

i am in 8 grade and this boy that i was going out with (dont care wat u think bc u anit me ) i gave him every thing i had and he aleays acted like he never wanted anything for instince three mounths ago when we were dating he forgot to write down second period class homework so i got up at for in the morning and helped him and he fell asleep and i could not sleep so i fell asleep in second period class this is kinda random but it is funny i was helping him over the phone and he fell asleep on the phone and he snorze like my dad ROFL anyways and ia m the one that got in big trouble i was there every time he needed something any thing i was there then three weeks later i saw him making out with one of my friends that is on the cheer leading team with me at the summer dance and now he is asking me to go to the winter dance with him and go back out with him plz help!! idk what 2 do bc ia m afraid i will get hurt again and i do not want to disrespevt myself ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Say no, and well, that's all I guess, 'cause he was treating you really badly. If he gets mad and wants to hurt you, blow on this whistle --> *gives you whistle*, and I'll come over there and kick his @$$ with my Martial Arts techniques. Oh yeah..

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    Go with him as his FRIEND... NOT as his girlfriend. But first find another GOOD male friend, and if none, then you can say yes to this one as long as he understands for sure that you only wanna go as friends and nothing more. If he questions why, you stand up for your feelings and tell him something like, "How would you respond if I once upon a time dated you and then made out with a friend of yours and then asked you to go with me for a dance? Trust me, it's not a good feeling...." Or something.

    Good luck!

  • annie
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    dont fall for it. it sounds like he was using you, and i dont know him, so im not positive, but forget about him. if u want to take a date to the dance, use him until after it. go with him. but dont get ur heart involved until you know for sure hes sincere. school is almost out and u will be in highschool. you will meet TONS of other guys!!!

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    That is the longest sentence I have ever seen. I thought I was going to pass out trying to get all that in one breath. Go as friends and make him spend all his money.

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    Well, there is this old saying... "burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me."

    You'll have more respect for yourself, and him for you, if you tell him that you don't attend dances with users and cheaters. Go with someone else, that will surely get his attention and let him see the error in his ways.

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    calm down, everything will be okay....

    confront him and ask what he is really doing. if he actually cares about you, he will say something, if he doesnt, i'm sry, hes not worth your time.

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    shortened version please

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