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Bass Pickup Question?

Yeah, in my other question if you saw it, I said if I bought a Standard P-Bass I was gonna put in Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pride P-Bass Pickups. Well, I am, because I want that cool Mike Dirnt sound (he used them on his old P-Bass). I just wanted to make sure, what do you think of the sound? Is it better than the Quarter Pound pickups? Describe the sound and if there is a link to a soundclip website or something, please post it here. Thanks

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    here is where you can hear them all:

    Personally I would choose the SPB-1 vintage for p-bass. I think that Mike was likely trying to recreate the sound of an old 60's p-bass when he bought the Antiquity's. I think that there is little difference between the Antiquitys and the Standard Vintage.

    You will be wicked happy with either choice as the pickups in your stock mexican standard pretty much suck. Any Seymour Duncans are going to make a HUGE difference.

    Here is a great place to shop for the pickups:

    While you have that baby torn apart I would highly recommend that you replace all of the electronics with a vintage wiring kit. the pots and jack are going to be next to go anyway. Rewire the whole thing. I would bet that is exactly what Mike did.

    I would also suggest that you consider a Leo Quan Badasss Bridge. Not sure if Dirnt uses one, but they are a huge upgrade for a really full sound.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    i prefer the classic stock Fender P pickups... if anything, to improve the bass, i think new jumbo frets adds a distict crispness to the rich low end.

    Source(s): thats what i did to mine.
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