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i have a PP&J sandwich and the jelly is on the bottom and i want it on the top what should i do?

its cruchy peanut butter

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    ♥ ♥ turn it over ♥ ♥

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    Obviously you could turn the sandwich over, but there is no fun in that. Try standing on you head on the couch, but do not touch the sandwich until you are upside down, otherwise the sandwich will flip over with you. Or you can hang the sandwich from a string, lay under it and start eating from the underside up. You can also take another slice of bread, spead more peanut butter on it and place it on the underside - this will at least move the jelly to the middle of the sandwich. If you are right handed - try making it with your left hand. Sometimes this makes you put the other slice on top first. I had this similar situation back in 1982. With the jelly on the bottom, I tasted it first, rather than a combined flavour with the peanut butter. What I did was to break the sandwich in half. I placed one half upside down on top of the other. This way, the flavours were alternatd like lasagna.

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    first off I believe you need to make a new sandwich, I mean who uses crunchy peanut butter..., run to the store fast... back? okay, good :) now get out the bread, peanut butter and jelly... a knife and plate may also be beneficial... now here are the instructions to making the perfect pb&j

    spread slice of bread with peanut butter.

    spread jelly on top of that(I know it's a bit messy but it tastes so much better than putting it on the other slice).<---- see other prefer jelly on top as well------

    top with other peice of bread.

    and there you go! enjoy!!!

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    First- turn it over

    Second- knock yourself out so you dont know you flipped it over

    Third- realize that after all, the jelly on top and you eat it

    Then you lived happily ever after


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    You can flip over your sandwich and then you have the jelly on top and the peanutbutter on the bottom.

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    well maybe PB&J's arent for you, try making just one type, like just a jelly or just peanut butter, and eat two separate sandwhiches at once. After months of practice try a PB&J sandwich again and tell me your results.

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    put more jelly on top of the peanut butter.

    or you can just turn it over

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    flip the sandwich over so the jelly is on top.

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    flip the sandwich over, then the jelly will be on top!

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    keep throwing it up in the air till it lands with the jelly on top

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    You better throw it away and make a new one, this time put the peanut butter on top!! ha ha Thanks for the points!

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