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Does He Think What We Have Together Is Special?

This guy i am really close too, he is so sweet to me I think what we have is really special. He is always hugging me and complimenting me. He remembers everything i have ever said. He treats me as if he cares about me, he will sometimes randomly kiss me on the shoulder or cheek. We are both attracted to each other, and i know that i have feelings for him but im not sure if its just a physical attraction for him. We have small fights alot and we have personalitys that clash. Also when he is in a bad mood he is different towards me. He does ask me questions about what i am like in a relationship. We both laugh about how dysfunctional we are in relationships.The one thing we dont talk about is how we feel about each other. I have know idea if he as any real feelings for me at all. We seem to really like each other but does it mean more that just a friendship to him?

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    Sometimes a guy doesn't know how to talk about a relationship. It sounds like he is really "into" you. He is affectionate and verbal in compliments. I think he has tried to talk to you about your relationship when he asked what you are like in a relationship. Remember women are more complex than men. Give your relationship some time. From your comments I believe he does have real feelings for you...give him the time to express them. He doesn't want to scare you off. He is waiting for the right time. Focus on your feelings for don't want to be surprised when he says I love you and you don't know how you feel for sure. Good Luck!

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    I think hes try in to see if u could date him or him date u

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    yes he wants something more. good luck and have a happy new year.

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