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Any Sliver Screen Classic Movie Addicts?

As a child when i came out of the movie theater it took me some time to put my mind back to reality after looking into the faces of my favorite actress or actor of the area in the 30's to the 50's. Not that we experience less of the faces of today but to me it is not the same influence or dream state that wanted me to stay in.

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    I agree with you all, nice to see some bright and intelligent answers

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    You're definitely right. Today we have people hawking food in the theatre, cellular telephones going off, people showing no respect for one another. Today's films do not compare to the older movies. The experience of going to the films is gone. There are no live acts, no newsreels, no shorts, serials, cartoons or double features.

    I can remember Frankenstein walking down the aisles scaring the audience. Magic shows and ticket draws between features. Staying to see the show a second time without anyone saying a word.

    Ticket prices were low enough that you went with the gang. If someone was short then it wasn't hard to find enough money to make it up.

    I feel sorry for today's movie goers simply because they don't know what they missed.

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    I agree, I would much rather sit and watch a good old movie on the Turner Classic movie channel then some of the trash that is on tv these days. I have taped alot of the old movies from that channel too.

    My favorite actresses are Bette Davis, Judy Garland and Doris Day.

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    Addicted? No.

    Fan of? Yes, very much so. I collect them, and love them.

    One of the great treats in my life has been to see classic films when they're shown in theaters--The Marx Brothers, Garbo, Bogart, Chaplin, Keaton, the classic Universal monsters, the best of the MGM makes movie watching the magic it once was---

    I remember seeing The Wizard of Oz in a theater for the first time, after years of seeing it in black-and-white on tv--it was breathtaking!

    And, of course, black-and-white films stay in the memory in a way color films, no matter how good, can't do.

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    there is too much hollywood rubish these days.

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