BLK HISTORY info. or collector? seek'n info. on Natchez Miss in the 40s or Walter Barnes?

i'm looking for more info & a black history collector interested in my scrapbook on what occurd on april 1940 in Natchez Miss that has taken 211 BLACK PEOPLEs lives. I have some black HISTORY that is unique & rare. ALL should know about this tradgity that had taken 211 black Americans lives. Why this wasn't treated like the Titanic or 911;s tradgity i don't’s just gotten completely forgot about. You can’t find but maybe one or two things on the internet about this. And the internet has everything. It’s just so bizarre how this great swingband and all their fans at the dance hall lost their lives in 1940(211 people). their terrible death has been so easily forgotten. Epecially when the band members died just like the band members on the Titanic. “HEROS!” Everyone knows the end of the titanic, Why don't they know about the WALTER BARNES SWING band, the band played until they couldn't play no more to comfort the people cause the knew they were all going to die

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to the site and type his name in the search bar, if he is anywhere he is there. And they may have pics on him as well. Happy New Year

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